Multichannel marketing support

Has your marketing strategy been finalised and should it be implemented in a concrete plan of action across all communication and sales channels? We provide you with content and process-orientated support, bundle your tactics into an overarching plan, advise you on the impact and efficiency of channels such as telephony, face-to-face sales or advertising and communication measures and, if required, manage the interfaces to your service providers and agencies so that you can use your budgets efficiently.

Work example:

Natalie Koster has worked for many years in management positions on the agency side and has designed multi-channel action planning for projects of various sizes - from integrated sales and communication projects to highly specific planning for rare diseases with small stakeholder target groups. A particular focus is on the definition and tracking of KPIs in order to be able to make quick and success-orientated adaptations to the planning.


Typical projects:


  • Evaluate existing channels and tactics
  • Creation of multichannel action plans
  • Interface management / vendor management
  • KPI definition and tracking
  • Operational implementation of communication measures

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