Medical support

The medical department is one of the central interfaces in the company, where many threads come together.


Does your medical team simply need support due to the wide range of tasks and high workload? Do you want a fresh view from the outside or are you looking for a sparring partner to develop an innovative project?


You define what you really need - and we support you with the exact intensity and at the level you require. This can be continuous medical support in day-to-day business, medical strategy development or project-related support for a specific congress.


We are also happy to take on typical "everyday medical work", such as checking references for core claim documents, reviewing materials or creating slide decks for training sessions, conferences or internal review meetings.

Work example:

For market mapping in the field of rare diseases, we create a comprehensive overview of the target indication, including epidemiology, aetiology and symptoms. We also identify all relevant stakeholders, such as specialist centres for rare diseases, relevant medical groups, professional societies, scientists, patient organisations, relevant specialist publications on the indication and patient influencers. Within these groups, we identify the most important contacts and develop holistic targeting strategies.


Medical services:


  • Strategy coaching for the development of a medical strategy
  • Market mapping and research
  • Organisation and moderation of AD boards
  • Organisation of symposia at congresses
  • Project management and support in day-to-day business
  • Creating dashboards for department projects

Medical project? Please contact me: