Interim managers and complete teams

Temporary vacancies, workload peaks, time until succession planning, launches, headcount restrictions, staff shortages or ambitious timelines - there are many good reasons for a solution through interim management.

As interim managers, we are part of your team and dedicate ourselves solely to your projects - either remotely, hybrid or 100% on-site, depending on your needs. Our tasks range from operational "processing" to strategic conceptualisation.

What makes us different? We place personalities instead of CVs. We know our interim managers personally and understand who exactly is the best person for your project.

If required, we can also organise complete, well-coordinated teams.

Current work example:

For an international rare disease company with a new organisation in Germany, we have currently filled several positions with our interim managers, including Marketing Lead, Medical Lead, Product Manager and Product Assistant. Our team also supported the client with strategic projects.


There were only 20 working days between the decision to fill the vacancies with interim managers and the start of the team.


The result: the management was able to focus on the strategic issues again. In the remaining three months before the launch, the complete launch plan was drawn up and all relevant measures were initiated. The qualitative and quantitative targets for the financial year were achieved or exceeded.


Interim functions:


  • General/Country Manager
  • Head of Marketing / Sales / Medical
  • Product Manager / Medical Manager
  • Interim Launch Lead
  • Project assistance

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