Holistic orphan disease strategy

Are you planning to develop and commercialise new drugs for an orphan disease in Germany or Europe? The Healthonauts is your experienced partner for holistic orphan disease strategies and supports you in the planning and operational realisation of all development phases, from preclinical to launch. 


Drug development in the orphan disease area poses special challenges for a biotech company and requires innovative strategies to find the right drug for the right patients.


The Healthonauts team supports you with broad expertise in the development and implementation of holistic orphan disease strategies that integrate a deep understanding of the mode of action, the technology, the indication, the relevant patient populations, and the regulatory and market environment, with many years of industry experience.


We work closely with your leadership teams to develop the strategy that fits your organisation, your team and, most importantly, your patients. 

Using a combination of science-based analyses, due diligence, risk analysis and forecasting, we put your strategy on a solid data foundation and help with operational support during implementation.  If required, we offer an experienced team of interim managers who can be deployed in all key functions to realise the jointly planned strategy.


As a consultant for drug development in the field of orphan diseases, Louise von Stechow has supported many biotech companies in Germany, Europe and the USA in strategy development across all development phases. In many years of working with leadership teams in the biotech industry, she has helped her clients find the right indication and the right patient population for a new drug class or a new technology. Based on deep due diligence and risk analysis, Louise von Stechow has helped her clients to assess the potential and risks of new drugs and technologies and to determine the market potential in the context of the competition in order to develop the best possible strategy for new drugs in the orphan disease area based on these factors.


Louise von Stechow, Carsten von Blohn and Natalie Koster have accompanied the development and launch of many preparations in an operational, strategic or advisory capacity, e.g. in the indications haemophilia, HAE (hereditary angioedema), PH1 (primary hyperoxaluria), AHP (acute hepatic porphyria), APDS (activated PI3K delta syndrome), CV (cystic fibrosis), OI (Osteogenesis imperfecta), BBS (Bardet-Biedl Syndrome), LCA (Leber's Congenital Amaurosis) or hATTR, as well as various rare oncological and haemoncological indications.


Holistic orphan disease strategy services:


  • Strategic consulting / strategic planning
  • Indication analyses
  • Scientific due diligence
  • Market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Forecasting / Modelling
  • Operational implementation
  • Placement of interim managers

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