Go-to-market and launch strategy

Are you responsible for a market launch in Germany? The Healthonauts will support and relieve you in a targeted manner and ensure the success of your launch.


A product launch places high demands on an organisation's human resources and content expertise. We support you with our expertise on the legal framework, stakeholders, the competitive environment and the operational requirements for setting up a German organisation.


As a launch lead, we work either on product and market content or process-orientated in project management, lead cross-functional launch teams and manage the main internal stakeholders, e.g. distribution, RA, sales, marketing, controlling and medicine.


We accelerate your time to market by placing experienced interim managers for all functions and, if required, manage the recruitment process. We take over the selection and management of suitable vendors for your product launch. With our many years of agency expertise, we support you in creating the multi-channel launch plan and operational implementation of the "day-to-day business", e.g. selecting and briefing marketing agencies or organising congresses.


Carsten von Blohn built up BPL Bio Products Laboratory "from scratch" as German Managing Director from 2016 and successfully launched a drug for the treatment of ultra-orphan factor X deficiency.


For the German affiliate of an international rare disease company, we supported the marketing planning and implementation of marketing measures for the launch of a drug for the treatment of an ultra-orphan disease. For this project, we developed the brand plan and designed disease awareness measures. We managed the agencies involved and directly implemented German adaptations of global medical marketing materials.


Carsten von Blohn and Natalie Koster have supported the launch of many products in an operational, strategic or advisory capacity, e.g. in the indications haemophilia, HAE (hereditary angioedema), PH1 (primary hyperoxaluria), AHP (acute hepatic porphyria), APDS (activated PI3K delta syndrome), CV (cystic fibrosis), OI (osteogenesis imperfecta), BBS (Bardet-Biedl syndrome), LCA (Leber's congenital amaurosis) or hATTR.


Go-to-market services


  • Organisational structure as General/Country or BU Manager
  • Strategic consulting / strategic planning
  • Launch lead
  • Launch excellence plan
  • Multichannel launch planning
  • Management of internal and external stakeholders
  • Forecasting / Controlling

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